Student eLearning Resources

Students at The Ohio State University have many opportunities to take technology-enhanced courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. A sampling of technology-enhanced courses can be found for summer 2016spring 2016autumn 2015and summer 2015

Common questions

What kinds of online instruction are available at Ohio State?
How are students evaluated in online courses?

Online instruction at the Ohio State University

The Ohio State University offers many technology-enhanced courses, from hybrid to distance-enhanced to distance-learning courses (in order from least to most online content). The Ohio State University defines modes of instruction as follows:

  • In Person (P): 0% of formalized instruction offered by distance
  • Hybrid (HY): 1%-74% of formalized instruction offered by distance
  • Distance Enhanced (DH): 75%-99% of formalized instruction offered by distance
  • Distance Learning (DL): 100% of formalized instruction offered by distance

 The following chart is used by instructors to calculate percentages for the instruction mode:

Credit hoursDistance Learning  
(100% of instruction online)

Distance Enhanced  
(75-99% of instruction online)

Hybrid Delivery  
(1-74% of instruction online)

1750 mins563 to 749 mins1 to 562 mins
21,500 mins1,125 to 1,499 mins1 to 1,124 mins
32,250 mins*1,688 to 2,249 mins1 to 1,687 mins
43,000 mins2,250 to 2,999 mins1 to 2,249 mins
53,750 mins2,813 to 3,749 mins1 to 2,812 mins

* In order to fulfill the 2,250 minute requirement, a typical 3 credit hour course will meet either three times per week for 55 minutes or two times per week for 80 minutes.

Is an online course right for me?

Some students thrive with online learning. Others do not. Take a moment and consider how you’ve learned best in the past. Please note that performing better in one mode of instruction versus another is not an indicator of the quality of your abilities as a student. It is simply a recognition that online is different from offline learning.

  • Are you self-motivated or do you do better when instructors set out closely defined goals?
  • Are you highly organized or do you prefer more structure and reminders?
  • Are you time-conscious or do you prefer to have your time more closely regulated?
  • Do you prefer to work independently or do you look forward to meeting your classmates?
  • Do you have reliable high-speed Internet access or do you rely on low-bandwidth (dialup, etc.) or free Internet access?
  • Do you have a reliable computer or rely on someone else’s?
  • Are you familiar with recent computer programs or are you still learning to use them?

If you agreed with the first parts of the above questions, you may do well in an online course. If you agreed with the second parts of these questions, you may do better in a traditional course.