Meet the Staff: Noelle Gaboriault-Whitcomb

April 27, 2018
Noelle Gaboriault-Whitcomb

Note: Meet the Staff highlights staff members in the College of Arts and Sciences Technology Services. We welcome your thoughts on it.

What is your educational background?  I love math, science and chemistry, so I am working on my B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I’m looking forward to graduating next December. 

What's something about you that other people find interesting? I’m a USAF military brat, so I have moved around quite a bit, and I graduated high school in England. New York to Texas to Maryland back to Texas to England to Ohio.

What has surprised you about working at ASCTech? I’ve found that I like working on servers, which I never would have expected to like until I had to start working with them. Also, I like working with terminal (command line) inputs. 

When you ask Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) Systems Administrator Noelle Gaboriault-Whitcomb to describe a good day at work, her answer reveals a lot about her positive attitude towards her job: "The day that I closed the ticket on the ACCAD departmental refresh, which included 50 new computers, was awesome/glorious!"
Gaboriault-Whitcomb enjoys learning about new kinds of technology. As she says, "I really enjoy problem solving and a good challenge, and this job provides both. Technology and OSU are always changing, which provides us with the challenge of keeping up with both. So we are always on our toes. There is always a newer, better way to do things, or a newer software to use, or a new update that comes out. I'm constantly learning new things and gaining new skills, which is great." 

Since ACCAD's work involves many other departments and academic units, Gaboriault-Whitcomb also constantly meets new people at Ohio State: "Although I primarily work with ACCAD faculty, staff, and students, I also often work with IT staff from around ASC," which gives her a deep understanding of technology use.

Gaboriault-Whitcomb is a long-time Buckeye, whose first job was a student IT worker in the Physics Department, where she discovered she enjoyed working with technology. After about two years, she had "gained enough knowledge and experience to apply for a full-time position at the ASC Service Desk and soon after that started working in ACCAD."

If you need someone to help with your technology, request help from ASCTech and maybe you'll work with Noelle Gaboriault-Whitcomb.