Standard Site Redesign

What are the Standard Sites?

The Standard Sites are websites in the College of Arts and Sciences built in the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). The sites built on this platform have a similar look and feel with some customization for each unit.

At a Glance

  • 168 Standard Sites
  • 38 Departments
  • 48 Centers, Institutes
  • 10 Admin Units
  • 30 Programs/Majors
  • 42 Labs/Projects

  • 450 Website Editors
  • Online Training Classes
  • Support Help
  • Analytics Access and Reports


First Drupal 6 sites
Upgraded to Drupal 7
Acquia Cloud Hosting
Responsive Theme
Begin Drupal 8 Redesign
Launch Drupal 8 Redesign

Why do we need a redesign?

Websites are important recruitment tools:
A 2015 conducted by Noel-Levitz entitled “The e-Expectations Report” shows that 24 percent said they had taken a school off of their list because of a bad web experience. 

In addition, 92 percent of college-bound high school seniors will be disappointed if they have a bad experience on a college website.

What are the goals of the redesign?

Make the new design attractive, scalable, and customizable. It needs to be able to work for a large department as well as a small center.
  • Informed by analytics and user feedback
  • Offers attractive, modern, and 
  • mobile-friendly design
  • Includes more layout options
  • Adds image and video gallery functionality
  • Built on Drupal 8 Content Management System


February – April
Design and develop base functionality:
landing page, basic page, news, events, people, webforms
Testing of base functionality and develop a migration plan
Begin migrating sites to Drupal 8
Set timeline for adding additional functionality and continue to migrate sites

Highlights of New Design

Front Page
  • Full-width rotor image
  • Factoid zone
  • Two and three column image zones
  • News, events, people
  • Twitter feed

Front Page design

Inside Page
  • Layout options
  • Images and captions
  • Multiple columns
  • Accordions and tabs
  • Blockquotes

Basic Page Design

Navigation Design
News Design
People Directory
People Directory Design


Standard Site Redesign Flyer