Evaluating Students in Online Courses


Student evaluation in online courses at Ohio State takes several forms and is one of the most rapidly evolving aspects of online learning. You may decide to hold a few high-value evaluations during the course (most often in proctored environments), or you may prefer frequent low-stakes evaluations (often on a daily basis). The ASCTech Academic Technologies team can assist you with either of these styles or a mix of the two. Currently, Ohio State does not have a university-wide enterprise solution for proctored online testing. Instead, this is handled on a college-by-college (often departmental) basis. The following are examples of evaluation in online courses:


Denney Hall iPad Lab

The ASCTech iPad testing center in 060 Denney Hall

This center employs 50 iPads that are preloaded with a browser and ExamSoft. Instructors can contact ASCTech to schedule a time to use the center. Classes with more than 50 students often choose to schedule back-to-back exam sessions.



Proctor U logo

ProctorU commercial proctoring service

A typical ProctorU testing session involves students first scheduling their testing time at their departmental ProctorU site (like this). At the test time, they report to the campus testing center with a photo ID (preferably BuckID), a webcam-capable laptop, and other instrctor-approved supplies such as supplementary materials (sent to them separately), an acceptable calculator, and so on. Student aneed to know how to access the Carmen quiz and to have ensured that their computer system complies with ProctorU regulations. The ProctorU representative will observe test takers via the users' webcam, including requesting that the taker pan the room with the webcam. Please note: students are charged directly for the service, which is at least $17.50/hour and only available in hour-long blocks. The price follows a sliding fee scale according to how far out the exam is scheduled, with the sooner the exam must be scheduled, the higher the price.

Carmen Connect visual identity

CarmenConnect (AdobeConnect) with instructor

CarmenConnect is a possibility for small (fewer than a dozen) classes. The ASCTech Academic Team can outline the procedure that's worked for other instructors upon request. Please note that this is often a choice that is time-intensive for instructors.