Educational Management Applications

GradCentral provides a web-based application platform to manage current graduate students from matriculation through graduation and beyond. GradCentral enables students the ability to monitor their progress from matriculation to the completion of individual departmental degree requirements. 
Writers Exchange
The Writers Exchange is an automated, robust peer review application where students provide guided feedback to one other on their writing. Writer’s Exchange has proved a useful tool in foundation level course management and was developed in conjunction with the Department of English.
AdvisingConnect is a university student-advisor relationship management tool that was developed in 2008 by a partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Education (UE), Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and the College of Arts and Sciences (ASC). The aim of AdvisingConnect is to create a record of a student’s advising contacts — the issues on which he has consulted, the advice with which she has been provided through notes and advising appointments. Additionally, advisors may use AdvisingConnect to manage students assigned to them by providing proactive outreach. Students are able to log into AdvisingConnect to view assigned advisor information, notes, and advising appointments.
Supports CLSE and serves as a TA database and includes several course related organizational features. 
Serves as the foreign language placement test application for all incoming undergraduate students.