Educational Management Applications

GradCentral provides a web-based application platform to manage current graduate students from matriculation through graduation and beyond. 

GradCentral also lets students the ability to monitor their progress from matriculation to the completion of individual departmental degree requirements.

MultiCat serves as the foreign language placement test application for all incoming undergraduate students.

The Research Experience Program (REP) is designed to give students direct exposure to the topics, goals, methods, and ethical issues of psychological research.

This is an important component of the Introductory Psychology 1100 course and participation counts for approximately 10% of the students grade. Participation can take the form of:

  • Participating as a subject in seven hours of research

  • Reading seven psychological research articles, taking a quiz, and writing a brief reflection on each article.

Scarlet supports CLSE and serves as a TA database and includes several course related organizational features.