Research Applications and Support


Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, Principal Investigator, Erich Grotewold

ABRC and NASC are the two major Arabidopsis stock centers in the world, with a combined stock number exceeding a million. Since the early 90’s, ABRC and NASC have played major roles in the preservation, collection and dissemination of biological materials important for Arabidopsis research, with over 200,000 stocks distributed yearly. As part of this application, ABRC and NASC will develop anew collaborative system that will integrate current and future data resources with information on biological materials available, ultimately directing researchers to the appropriate location to procure desired stocks. This system will have three novel software/informatics components: A) a portable search module plugin (Interactive Search Module), B) a Collaborative Stock Database, and C) an E-commerce Ordering System. Once the collaborative system is in place, it will stand as a model to be adopted by a variety of other resource providers, a process that will be facilitated through the development of workshops with other holders of large collections. 

Department of Physics, Mid-Infrared Strong-Field Interaction. Principal Investigator, Louis F. DiMauro 

Our team encompasses five linked thrust areas. Four of these thrusts focus on SF MIR science in fundamental ionization, filamentation in air, generation of coherent harmonic radiation and MIR driven ion & electron laser-plasma accelerators. The continuity of topics is anchored by foundational studies in simple systems and evolves across thrust areas to greater complexity. Recognizing lessons from the past, the fifth thrust is devoted to the development of novel MIR laser technology to advance our science thrust. The MURI MIR team is an alliance between 6 co-PIs in 5 US universities and 6 co-PIs at Imperial College in the UK. The team also forms key collaborative alliances with world leading laboratories. Overall there is balance in experiment & theory, complementary expertise, capabilities and educational value on both sides of the Atlantic. The team members are recognized leaders in MIR physics and as such bring competency & state-of-the-art MIR facilities to the program. The team’s ultimate objective is to translate SF physics from the well-studied NIR into the unexplored realm of the MIR by exploiting basic SF scaling laws as a roadmap for discovering new fundamental and applied interactions.
USEEL, Utica Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory, Principal Investigator, Jeffrey Daniels
Responsible scientists dedicated to advancing best practices for unconventional oil and gas (UOG) development and environmental stewardship in the Utica Play region.