In-house accessibility testing is available for users wishing to build or purchase new digital software tools. This testing is required for all future software purchases or custom-made tools that are not for personal use. Existing products are grandfathered in until their contracts are renewed.

Please note that this testing will not fix any issues. The goal is to identify what problem areas a software has and create a compliance plan to bring the software in line with Ohio State's Minimum Digital Accessibility Standards.

Time from notifying us to completion of testing is normally about 2-3 months. You must have a complete environment set up for us to test with beforehand. This means trial license keys, logins, virtual machine installations, etc. If you are requesting an addition to Carmen/Canvas please note you will need to request that team to add it to the test instance. We do not have the power to add it on our own.

When you are ready, you may request a software review with us.