Digital Media Studio

The Digital Media Studio helps in the creation and distribution of a variety of media content, some of which is shown on this page, along with links to request studio assistance.

The Studio's open hours are:

  • Week days
  • 8 AM - 5 PM

The Digital Media studio is located in 142 Hagerty Hall

Studio Services

Request to record course audio or a podcast

Recent podcasts

Amefrica Landina Podcast

Amefrica Landina

Este podcast é un espaço de discusiones en portugués, espanhol, portuñol e spanglish com América Latina. 

Anthropology Podcast: A Story of Us

A Story of Us avatar

A Story of Us is devoted to bringing the exciting field of anthropology to your ears!

Sinister Myth podcast

Sinister Myth logo

Sinister Myth challenges cultural mythologies about sexuality in the West, because so often they encourage, perpetuate, or foster violence against women and minorities.

CLLC Radio 

CLLC Modern Greek Radio

CLLC Modern greek logo

In Spring 2022, the Ohio State University class “CLLC Modern Greek Radio” enrolled a record eleven students, who composed and performed broadcasts on a range of subjects. 

COVID Conversations

COVID Conversations logo

Over the past year, the Center for Folklore Studies has been broadcasting the Covid Conversations: Life in a Time of Corona podcast which has offered a unique perspective on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, both in Ohio and globally.

Discovering Sarah

Discovering Sarah avatar

Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt (1836-1919) was a popular, prolific, and well-regarded poet during her lifetime, writing more than 600 poems across more than half a century. Discovering Sarah is hosted by Elizabeth Renker, a professor in the department of English at The Ohio State University.

Nouvelles Nouvelles Podcast, from Dept of CMRS

Nouvelles Nouvelles Podcast image

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies hosts an occasional podcast with visiting lecturers and OSU faculty and graduate students

History Talk

Origins visual identity

Smart conversations about today’s most interesting topics - a history podcast for everyone.


Prologued visual identity

A serial podcast that analyzes the historical roots of modern issues.

Human Rights in Transit

Human Rights in Transit

Human Rights in Transit is a collaborative project that engages the ongoing and emerging tensions that are at the center of contemporary global existence. 


Latin@ Stories

Latin@ Stories is a podcast born out of the oral history project about Latin@s in Ohio, Oral Narratives of Latin@s in Ohio (ONLO). 


Livable Futures Podcast

Livable Futures visual identity

Join your host Norah Zuniga Shaw (co-founder and artistic director of Livable Futures) as she takes you through interviews, audio walks, workshops, and sonic artworks turning toward planetary conditions of crisis and uncertainty with all our creative capacities.


Project Narrative

Project Narrative

The Project Narrative podcast, launched in November 2021, is a monthly series in which a scholar selects a short narrative, reads it aloud, and then discusses it with a host. 

Voices of Excellence

Voices of Excellence visual identity

Voices focuses on the innovative work being done by faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences at the Ohio State University. 

Woke Pedagogies

Woke Pedagogies visual identity

In “Woke Pedagogies: An Arts & Sciences Approach to Excellence in Teaching” podcast, hosts Elena Foulis and David Staley discuss challenges within higher ed, giving consideration to an ongoing global pandemic and international calls for racial equity and justice. 

Writing Across the Curriculum

CSTW visual identity

Write.Think.Teach is a podcast produced by WAC's graduate consultants, featuring short, 10 minute interviews with teachers, students, and scholars about how writing can invigorate our students’ thinking and in turn our own teaching.


In addition to loaning equipment, the studio can help instructors create their own content. Low cost equipment or high cost equipment styles are both supported. 

Request for equipment loan

The studio has a limited supply of consumer-grade and specialty (360 degree) video cameras, microphones, tripods, lapel microphones compatible with OSU classrooms podiums, audio recorders, microphone stands, portable public address speakers, among other equipment. 

Where can I learn how to make a Zoom presentation downloadable?

How to allow others to download a Zoom presentation

Where can I find a presenter consent and release agreement?

One version of a Presenter Consent and Release Agreement

How can I download a (smaller) version of my MediaSite file?

Directions are available here

Can the studio put commercial CD or DVDs online for me?

In general, no, the studio cannot assist in the hosting of commercial material. Please contact OTDI to put commercial DCDs or CDs online

How can I help my students get assistance with course technologies?

Include a statement like this in your syllabus:
For OSU Common Core technologies such as Carmen, CarmenZoom, Turnitin, Mediasite, Top Hat student response system, and Edublogs, contact 8-help at 614 688-4357 or Assistance with technologies not supported by OSU, such as Facebook or, are the responsibility of the course instructor. Instructors must provide links to support services of nonstandard software for students to contact.

Where can I get older media transferred to CD or DVD?
Most tape-based media is too old to transfer reliably to digital versions without specialized equipment. Some non-OSU, for-profit locations offer this service in Columbus or you can search online using these search terms “transfer media to dvd” or “digital media transfer service”

Can studio staff work on for-profit publications?

No. Textbook publishers and other for-profit entities must support for-profit works by creating the content in-house or contracting with an external AV company.

  • The OSU Intellectual Property Policy discusses copyright ownership of faculty and staff. Faculty collaborating with OSU staff to create a joint work under copyright law means that the copyright must be shared jointly with the university.
  • For publishing agreements that require author copyright transfer to the publisher, authors must get approval from all joint authors of the work. Contact the Ohio State University Office of Legal Affairs at

Can studio staff work for people or entities outside the College of Arts and Sciences, such as with cost-recovery?


Request a video from the studio

The studio is available to record special events on campus and in our studio at 142 Hagerty Hall. 

Promotional videos

Still from research video

The ASCTech Studio regularly produces videos to highlight the many exceptional features of the College of Arts and Sciences, such as the Faculty Research Initiative videos.

Classroom video

Still from classroom video production

ASCTech can assist with narrative or explanatory classroom videos, as we did with this student-acted, CSI-style course video.

Lightroom video

Still from lightboard video

Lightboard videos allow speakers to face the camera and interact with words or images on a large sheet of glass with light shining through the edges so that marks on the glass glow.

ELT Podcast presentations

Still from event video

The ASCTech Studio is available to video record a limited number of academic events, such as public presentations or panel discussions

Paris 360 videos

Still from Paris 360 degree video

 The ASCTech studio has loanable cameras that can generate 360 degree videos to allow viewers to experience all aspects of a scene., like these narrated videos of Paris landmarks 

Request for photography

The studio is available to take photographs on campus during business hours. It can also take portraits for use on websites or passports.

For large-volume portrait requests

The studio uses the following procedure to take individual portraits of groups:

  1. After a portrait request is submitted, ASCTech will put a signup sheet online for your faculty, staff or students to sign up for 5-minute slots.
  2. ASCTech will provide index cards for portrait subjects to write their name on and hold under their chin for the first picture. This ensures that the correct person gets the image.
  3. ASCTech will take 3-5 pictures of each portrait subject without the card in front of one background.
  4. ASCTech will put the images into a OneDrive folder for requestors to distribute to your portrait subjects.