About Us

To support the wide range of technology needs in the College of Arts and Sciences (ASC), ASCTech has been renamed to Instructional and Research IT Support Services (IRIS).

We renamed the organization because the role of university information technology (IT) has evolved over the past two decades from an ancillary set of labor-saving productivity tools into an integral part of all aspects of modern university administration, teaching and learning, and faculty research.

Today, there are few academic projects, processes, or communications that are not critically dependent on IT. Deploying and supporting IT has become a permanent building block of all current college operations and future strategies.

Beyond this critical dependency and alignment at the operational or administrative level, IT is shaping and guiding many aspects of the future of higher education.

As a college that aspires to build upon and surpass goals of development and expansion of distinction across its units, it is imperative that the college’s information technology group assume a prominent role in developing and formulating college strategic goals and “baking-in” the critical technology underpinnings and approaches.  

Because ASC aspires to be on the forefront of instruction and research:

  • We explore and seize upon the many new possibilities afforded by IT innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and data-driven decision-making
  • We bring expert and engaged support personnel to build and support IT services
  • We pursue operational excellence in all phases of IT service and support delivery, from solution formulation to delivered product evaluation along with operational continuity and resiliency

History of IT in the College of Arts and Sciences

  • July 2005

    • ASCTech established to fulfill a recommendation made by an Arts and Sciences IT committee in 2003-04
  • Early 2010

    • Arts and Sciences integrated all of its college-level administrative units
    • As a result, all IT staff that had been organized at the college level were brought together into ASCTech
  • January 2016

    • ASCTech was reorganized to become a single functional unit encompassing all technical support personnel in the college
  • June 2023

    • ASCTech was renamed to Instructional and Research IT Support Services (IRIS) to help encompass the range of services that the technology unit provides