About Us


We provide Arts and Sciences units with the information technology support services they need to achieve their strategic goals.

ASCTech History

ASCTech was established in July 2005 to fulfill a recommendation made by an Arts and Sciences IT committee in 2003-04.  In early 2010 Arts and Sciences integrated all of its college-level administrative units.  As a result, all IT staff that had been organized at the college level were brought together into ASCTech. On January 1, 2016, ASCTech was reorganized to become a single functional unit encompassing all technical support personnel in the college.

Role of ASCTech

ASCTech serves three main roles:

  1. To provide IT support to the College of Arts and Sciences;
  2. To provide common IT services to all Arts & Sciences units;
  3. To coordinate with the Office of the CIO on university-level IT initiatives, policies and security mandates.

Governance for ASCTech is provided by the ASC Information Technology Advisory Committee.