Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: The ASCTech computer replacement program operates on a five-year lifecycle.

Every five years, the primary computer used by faculty and staff for their duties will be replaced.

A: No. Currently, we are unable to replace computers other than the primary computer of your department’s non-student faculty and staff.

We are looking into ways that we could include graduate computers in the future. Computer labs are not part of these expansion discussions.

A: We performed a college-wide inventory audit from our service desk and narrowed the scope of assets to produce an accurate list of primary computers assigned to the faculty and staff within the college.

Assets were then sorted by age, with replacing the oldest computers in the college (regardless of department) as a priority.

A: On a year-to-year basis, the number of computers rolled out per department will vary.

It is likely that each year there will be cases where smaller departments will get more computers than larger departments, but over a five-year lifecycle, every primary computer in the college will be replaced.

A: We offer four different computers, both a desktop and laptop option for either Windows or Mac.

You will have the option to select any of those four computers.

A: Please reach out to your ASCTech support manager and make accommodations for computers outside of the standard configurations.

Be prepared to make a business case for a non-standard computer.

Additionally, if the computer is more expensive than the computer selected, the department will be responsible for the funding gap. This should be a rare occurrence.

A: No, due to the advanced age of the machines we are replacing, they must be returned to the department for surplus upon the deployment of the new computer.

Additionally, the college follows the university policy that all items that are retired must go through the OSU surplus system.

Please visit the page below for the most up to date standard computers: