360° Media

About 360° Media

The Emerging Tech Studio (ETS) offers a comprehensive solution for capturing and viewing 360° content, enabling users to create immersive and interactive visual experiences. By utilizing advanced cameras and software, the Studio allows users to capture panoramic images and videos, encompassing the entire environment. This technology integrates seamlessly into university education, enhancing the learning experience by providing students with an immersive and engaging medium to explore various subjects. Whether used in virtual tours of historical sites, interactive science experiments, or virtual field trips, 360° media enables students to delve into realistic virtual environments, promoting active learning, critical thinking, and collaboration. Its integration into university education broadens horizons and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter by breaking the confines of traditional classroom settings.

Our 360° Technology

Our 360° Services

The collection of 360° media in the ETS is always expanding. The space primarily obtains and utilizes 360° content from YouTube and offers 360° media services for implementation in your class or project. Content from other sources may also be utilized on request.

The ETS additionally offers 360° photography and videography for those interested in making their own 360° media, with options to either check out our equipment or have us assist with the shoot.

Please contact ASCTech for more information if interested.