Who Doesn’t Love to Move?

October 21, 2013
Image of Jennifer Galeano from SPPO

You might think that a department with more than 100 sections of first- and second-year classes using thousands of digital artifacts would be worried about migrating them all to a new platform.

Is the Google Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

October 14, 2013
Image of ASTech employee Brandon Smith

"I get a lot of stares," says OSU student and ASCTech employee Brandon Smith. "You look like a cyborg with the way the display covers your eye. And I'm uncomfortable talking to it in public."

ASC leads campus implementation of DocuSign

October 7, 2013
ASCTech Leads use of DocuSign at OSU

If you haven't already given authorization via DocuSign, you will soon. ASCTech had a large part in getting The Ohio State University to adopt this software, which allows for more rapid approval processes and the ability to know where documents are when they're out for a signature.

Impact Grants for OSU instructors due Nov 4

September 25, 2013
Impact Grant recipient Jim Fowler

Have you taught or are teaching a "key or large course for your department" and thought, "This class could be so much better if I could use [insert technology] in this course?" If so, consider applying for an ODEE Departmental Impact Grant (