Spring 2017 Technology-Enhanced Courses in the College of Arts and Sciences


The College of Arts and Sciences is a leader in offering courses delivered with technology. Below you'll find distance learning courses available for the summer 2016 term in the College of Arts and Sciences. Courses followed by GE carry General Education credit. Hybrid (HY) are not completely online courses. Please note that some Distance Learning courses may require on-campus testing.

Please note: This page highlights the kinds of online courses offered by the Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, but it is not a real-time reflection of all online courses. All course questions should be directed to the Ohio State registrar or the department offering the course. Please do not contact ASCTech with specific questions about courses offerings.

Spring 2017 Online Arts and Sciences Courses for ASC on the Columbus Campus as of 12/14/2016

ANTHROP 1100: Introduction to Anthropology
ANTHROP 2200: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ANTHROP 2201: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTHROP 2202: Peoples and Cultures: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ARTEDUC 1600: Art and Music Since 1945
ARTEDUC 2367.03: Criticizing Television
ARTEDUC 7607: Curriculum Planning and Assessment in Art Education
ARTSSCI 2120: Information Search, Evaluation and Use
ARTSSCI 2121: Academic Online Research
ARTSSCI 3142.01: Online Research and the Science Literature
BIOLOGY 1102: Human Biology
CHEM 1100: Chemistry and Society
COMM 2367: Persuasive Communication
COMM 4190: Journalism and Communication Co-Operative Learning Experience
DANCE 3401: Dance in Popular Culture
ECON 2001.01: Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2002.01: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 4001.01: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ENGLISH 1110.01: First-Year English Composition
GEOG 2750: World Regional Geography
HISTORY 2001: Launching America
HISTORY 2210: Classical Archaeology
HISTORY 2800: Introduction to the Discipline of History
HISTORY 3030: History of Ohio
HISTORY 3226: Later Byzantine Empire
LING 2000: Introduction to Language in the Humanities
LING 2001: Language and Formal Reasoning
LING 2367.02: Language and Advertising
LING 3701: Language and the Mind
MATH 1116: Excursions in Mathematics
MATH 1151: Calculus I
MATH 1152: Calculus II
MUSIC 2252: History of Rock 'n' Roll
MUSIC 4555.05: Studies in Musicology: Music's Meanings
MUSIC 6645: Music's Meanings
NELC 3625.02: Understanding Bollywood, Knowing India: Hindi Cinema Since 1960
POLITSC 1100: Introduction to American Politics
POLITSC 1200: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLITSC 1300: Global Politics
POLITSC 2300: American Foreign Policy
POLITSC 2400: Introduction to Political Theory
POLITSC 4193: Individual Studies
POLITSC 4781: Data Analysis in Political Science I
PORTGSE 1101.01: Portuguese I
PORTGSE 1102.01: Portuguese II
PSYCH 1100: Introduction to Psychology
PSYCH 3191: Internship in Psychology
PSYCH 3371: Language and the Mind
RUSSIAN 2335.99: Magnificence, Mayhem, and Mafia: Russian Culture
RUSSIAN 2355.99: Russians and their Vodka: Deconstructing Myths
SOCIOL 1101: Introductory Sociology
SOCIOL 2202: Social Problems and Public Policy
SOCIOL 2210: Sociological Aspects of Deviance
SOCIOL 2330: Marriage and Society
SOCIOL 3191: Internship Program in Sociology and Criminology
SOCIOL 3380: Racial and Ethnic Relations in America
SOCIOL 3597.01: World Problems in Global Context
SPANISH 1103.01: Spanish III
SPANISH 2202.01: Reading Comprehension: Classroom
STAT 1350: Elementary Statistics
STAT 1450: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
THEATRE 2100: Introduction to Theatre
WGSST 1110: Gender, Sex and Power
WGSST 2215: Reading Women Writers
WGSST 2230: Gender, Sexuality and Race in Popular Culture
WGSST 2325: Issues in Women's Health
WGSST 2350: Feminist Perspectives on Women and Violence
WGSST 2367.01: U.S. Women Writers: Text and Context
WGSST 2367.04: Black Women Writers: Text and Context