Summer 2017 Technology-Enhanced Courses in the College of Arts and Sciences


The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences is a leader in offering courses delivered with technology. Below you'll find distance learning courses available for summer semester 2017 in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Please note: This page highlights the kinds of online courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, but it is not a real-time reflection of all online courses. All course questions should be directed to the Ohio State registrar or the department offering the course. Please do not contact ASCTech with specific questions about courses offerings.


Visit the Ohio State class search and enter the class name and number (ex.: ANTHROP 2200) below into the search box at the top of the page. NOTE: Under "Active Filters" on the right, in the "Instruction Mode" section, click "Distance Learning" to select online (or hybrid or distance enhanced) courses.

Summer 2017 Online Arts and Sciences Courses for ASC on the Columbus Campus as of 2/16/2017

ANTHROP 1100: Intro to Anth (DL)
ANTHROP 2200: Intro Phys Anthrop (DL)
ANTHROP 2201: Intro to Arch (DL)
ANTHROP 2202: Intro Cultr Anthro (DL)
ARTEDUC 1600: Art & Mus Snc 1945 (HY)
ARTEDUC 1600: Art & Mus Snc 1945 (DL)
ARTEDUC 2367.03: Critzg Tv (DL)
ARTEDUC 7767: Multicultrl Art Ed (DL)
ARTSSCI 1100.04: ASC College Survey (DH)
ARTSSCI 2120: Info Srch Eval Use (DL)
ARTSSCI 2121: Acad Online Rsch (DL)
ARTSSCI 3142.01: Onl Res & Sci Lit (DL)
ASTRON 1101: Planets to Cosmos (DH)
BIOLOGY 1102: Human Biology (DL)
BIOLOGY 1350: Biol Hope & Belief (DL)
CHEM 1100: Chem and Society (DL)
CLAS 2010: Scientfc Terminlgy (HY)
COMM 1100: Comm in Society (HY)
COMM 2367: Persuasive Comm (DL)
COMM 2540: Intro Comm Tech (HY)
COMM 3325: Intro Org Comm (HY)
COMM 3331: Comm & Dec Mkng (HY)
COMM 3345: Strat Med Planning (HY)
COMM 3404: Media Law & Ethics (HY)
COMM 3413: Media Entertain (HY)
COMM 3440: Mass Comm & Soc (HY)
COMM 3513: Vid Game Individ (HY)
COMM 3597.02: Media Terror (HY)
COMM 3620: Intro Interp Comm (HY)
COMM 3628: Contemp Persuasion (HY)
COMM 4202: Magazine Writing (HY)
COMM 4401: Mass Comm & Youth (HY)
COMM 4554: Social Media (HY)
COMM 4556: Info Tech & Org (HY)
COMM 4820: Pub Opinion & Comm (HY)
DANCE 3401: Dance in Pop Cult (DL)
ECON 2001.01: Prin Microeconomic (DL)
ECON 2001.01: Prin Microeconomic (DH)
ECON 2002.01: Prin Macroeconomic (DL)
ENGLISH 1110.01: First-Yr Engl Comp (DL)
GEOG 2750: Wrld Regional Geog (DL)
HISTART 2001: Western Art 1 (DH)
HISTORY 2201: Anc Greece Rome (DL)
HISTORY 3030: History of Ohio (DL)
HISTORY 3225: Erly Byzantine Emp (DL)
INTSTDS 4532: Fd Security&Global (HY)
INTSTDS 4800: Cultural Diplomacy (DL)
LING 2000: Linguistics Intro (DL)
LING 2001: Lang Formal Reason (DL)
LING 2367.02: Lang Advertising (DL)
LING 3701: Language & Mind (DL)
MATH 1116: Excursions in Math (DL)
MATH 1151: Calculus 1 (DL)
MATH 1152: Calculus 2 (DL)
MUSIC 2252: Histry Rock & Roll (DL)
MUSIC 4500.02: Review Mus History (DL)
POLITSC 1100: Intro Amer Poltics (DL)
POLITSC 1200: Intro Comp Poltics (DL)
POLITSC 1300: Global Politics (DL)
POLITSC 2400: Intro Polit Theory (DL)
POLITSC 3780: Data Lit & Vis (HY)
POLITSC 4191: Internship (DL)
POLITSC 4781: Polit Analysis 1 (DL)
PORTGSE 1101.01: Portuguese 1 (DL)
PSYCH 1100: Intro Psychology (DL)
PSYCH 3371: Language & Mind (DL)
RUSSIAN 2335.99: Russian Culture (DL)
RUSSIAN 2355.99: Rus Vodka Culture (DL)
SOCIOL 1101: Intro Sociology (HY)
SOCIOL 1101: Intro Sociology (DL)
SOCIOL 2202: Social Problems (DL)
SOCIOL 2210: Soc Aspect Devianc (DL)
SOCIOL 2330: Marriage & Society (DL)
SOCIOL 3191: Internship Program (DL)
SOCIOL 3380: Race in America (DL)
SOCIOL 3597.01: World Probs Global (DL)
SOMALI 1101: Elem Somali 1 (DL)
SPANISH 1102.01: Spanish 2 (DL)
SPANISH 1103.01: Spanish 3 (DL)
SPANISH 2202.01: Reading Comp (DL)
SPHHRNG 3360: Clinic Observation (DL)
STAT 1350: Elementary Stats (DL)
STAT 1450: Intro Pract Stat (DL)
THEATRE 2100: Intro to Theatre (HY)
THEATRE 2100: Intro to Theatre (DL)
WGSST 1110: Gender, Sex, Power (DL)
WGSST 2215: Women Writers (DL)
WGSST 2230: Gender Pop Culture (DL)
WGSST 2325: Women's Health (DL)
WGSST 2367.01: U.S. Women Writers (DL)
WGSST 3370: Sexualty Citzenshp (DL)
WGSST 3505: Feminist Globalztn (DL)

DH = Distance Enhance
DL = Distance Learning
HY = Hybrid (not completely online)

Note: DL course may require on-campus testing.