Academic Videos Made Here

December 8, 2017

Academic Videos Made Here

Katherine Moga, PhD

General chemistry labs have Bunsen burners, hydrochloric acid, and sharp, fragile glass: a hundred ways that students can get hurt.

For years, lab personnel like Ohio State general chemistry lab supervisor Katherine Moga and her lab assistants have stood in front of classes and described what students should and should not do, advice that students sometimes followed, sometimes didn't.

They needed a more engaging way to deliver their message.

"We were looking for a way to make learning lab safety more visual for students. Video seemed like a great way to do that. Being told that you may end up in a shower if you spill acid is one thing: seeing someone get thoroughly drenched is another," says Dr. Moga, who herself ended up in the shower, or as she puts it: "I sacrificed myself for the good of the video."

The process of collaborating on creating academic videos with the ASCTech Studio went great for Moga. "[Working with the ASCTech Studio] was a smooth process that really made it excellent for us in terms of being able to provide the best content we could to our students."

If you'd like to make academic videos that engage your students, please contact the ASCTech Studio .

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