Searching for Unity

March 27, 2018
Image of brain activity
When Professor Richard Huskey arrived at Ohio State, he brought with him experience in both using cognitive neuroscience techniques to answer communication questions and administering his own server at another university.

Write with Light for Your Students!

January 3, 2018
Mike Bierschenk writing on lightboard

With the rising popularity of flipped classrooms, many instructors are experimenting with new ways to engage students outside of the traditional classroom.

Meet the Staff: Keith Stewart

December 8, 2017
Keith Stewart
Keith Stewart has a job that can be hard to describe. "I'm the senior high-performance computing (HPC) engineer for ASCTech," says Stewart. "This means that I help researchers around college make science happen, and generally it's something that requires resources that aren't normal for computing," he says

Academic Videos Made Here

December 8, 2017
Katherine Moga, PhD

General chemistry labs have Bunsen burners, hydrochloric acid, and sharp, fragile glass: a hundred ways that students can get hurt.

Meet the Staff: Cody McNulty

December 1, 2017
Cody McNulty
Ever since he was a political science and French major at Ohio State, Cody McNulty has worked at ASCTech. He remembers the time well: “May 16, 2011, was my start date,“ he says. McNulty, now a computer systems manager for ASCtech, had a history with computers before that.