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Employee Spotlight: Mila Gajic

June 25, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Mila Gajic

Mila Gajic

About Mila

VR Lab Manager/Developer at the Emerging Technology Studio (ETS).

I have been working in this role for a little over two weeks, but before that I worked as a Graduate Research Associate for the past three years, since I was a graduate student in Design at Ohio State prior to this job.

Currently I am primarily working on the ETS curricular involvement plans for the upcoming academic year so that we can provide the best resources to students interested in emerging technologies and assist in their projects that explore how emerging technologies are integrated within arts and humanities. 

I pursued a Master’s at Ohio State since I was interested in building interactive 3D environments specifically for VR and AR. 

During my studies I got to work on multiple VR projects in collaboration with other departments across the university, such as the Nanotech West Lab, and I loved working on VR simulations for transdisciplinary research purposes. 

This experience and interests in working with emerging technologies at the intersection of multiple disciplines aligned well with the role, goals, and opportunities at ETS and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Plenty of opportunities to be involved in innovative transdisciplinary work, as well as campus events.

University of Florida.

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I like skiing, ice skating, racquetball, hiking, playing Roblox with friends…

People are always surprised when they learn I’m a Slipknot fan. 

I can also talk backwards.

Shrek 2.

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