Academic Videos Made Here

December 8, 2017
Katherine Moga, PhD

General chemistry labs have Bunsen burners, hydrochloric acid, and sharp, fragile glass: a hundred ways that students can get hurt.

Meet the Staff: Cody McNulty

December 1, 2017
Cody McNulty
Ever since he was a political science and French major at Ohio State, Cody McNulty has worked at ASCTech. He remembers the time well: “May 16, 2011, was my start date,“ he says. McNulty, now a computer systems manager for ASCtech, had a history with computers before that.

4k Sign o' the Times

October 24, 2017
Image of brain activity

ASCTech is pleased to announce that we are deploying the DSDevices DSCS9 Xibo digital signage players. This is a fantastic upgrade for those using the older Minix players.

Meet the Staff: John Heimaster

October 17, 2017
John Heimaster image
In a university as large as Ohio State, you're bound to find unusual jobs. But ASCTech Senior research consultant John Heimaster's description of his job stands out: “A good deal of what I do is matchmaking,” Heimaster says

Meet the Staff: Curt Marker

August 3, 2017
Curt Marker headshot
What keeps Curt Marker, ASCTech Server Administrator/Endpoint Engineer, so involved in his job? "Information technology is all about exposure to new ideas and new technology; there's always something new to learn. I love that aspect!" says Marker.

Meet the Staff: Terry Bradley

July 1, 2017
Terry Bradley photo
ASCTech Systems Manager Terry Bradly seems to have a genetic predisposition to working in tech: "my dad worked for Bell Labs for 37 years; both my sister and I grew up in fine geeky fashion, watching dad solder IC chips to boards for relaxation." Her path to a job in technology was, like many ASCTech employees, a winding one.