Meet the Staff: Ben Hood

April 20, 2017
Ben Hood

Note: Meet the Staff is a new feature that ASCTech will be publishing over the next few months to introduce staff members to the College of Arts and Sciences. We welcome your thoughts on it.

What's something about you that other people find surprising? I’m a psychology major who works in information technology.

Do you have a nickname? Hoodlum, Benji, Benjamin Button, Benjammin, anything but Benny and the Jets

What's something that surprised you about your job at ASCTech? How much face-time I got with customers and the large variety of people I get to meet.

ASCTech Systems Specialist Ben Hood takes pride in his job. Among his job duties, he lists "email support, BuckeyeBox and cloud storage support," and "saving the day." He explains this last one as follows: "I’ve always loved technology and how it simplifies our lives. I also love to help people and to do so as efficiently as possible. I strive to give people the best experience possible in sometimes unpleasant situations such as a broken computer, so IT seemed like a natural fit."
Hood has frequently worked in the School of Music and the English Department where Hood "feels like [he] knows most of the English grad students on a personal level after spending the past couple of months working on their iMac printing issues." In this role, Hood is excited to be at Ohio State, because "being at the best and one of the largest universities in the United States is in itself significant! I love being a Buckeye (I was born here)!"

Hood sees a successful day for you at work as one in which he gets "to fix someone’s problem and make his or her day better, whether that’s fixing a computer with all of their important photos or getting software working."

When he isn't swooping in to help wearing a flowing cape (not really), Hood is taking classes at Ohio State, "building computers, and looking for new technology and ways it can simplify and enhance daily life."

If you need someone to help with your technology, request help from ASCTech and maybe you'll work with Ben Hood.