Meet the Staff: Ron Filippelli

March 13, 2017

Meet the Staff: Ron Filippelli

Ron Filippelli picture

Note: Meet the Staff is a new feature that ASCTech will be publishing over the next few months to introduce staff members to the College of Arts and Sciences. We welcome your thoughts on it.

What's your background? I have a B.A. in Political Science from Ohio State and studied Computer Systems Analysis and Design at U.C. Berkeley Extension.

What's something about you that other people find interesting or surprising? I have hitchhiked across the country, and camped in most of the national parks in the continental US and western Canada. Nowadays I spend much free time reading, walking and writing my blog. When I do turn on the tube it is usually to watch baseball or soccer. I also enjoy classic cinema, especially film noir, and foreign flicks.

What's something praiseworthy that a client has said about you? I was once asked by an interviewer, “Is it better to be perfect or on time?” I answered, “Since we are not building bridges or airplanes I will go with on time.” She said, "You’re hired!" 

Among Ron Filippelli's many talents is the ability to do two jobs with a split appointment as Director of both Business Process Management (BPM) and Facilities and Space Management for the College of Arts and Sciences. One way he does this is by arriving early: "I like to arrive early and get my administrative tasks out of the way early: purchasing, time approvals, etc. Then, I try to get out of the office as much as possible. I may visit 3-4 buildings, or visit a client or work site to review progress on a project."
His projects take a two general forms: designing electronic workflows for administrative records and assisting the "CIO and Associate Dean for Space Management on renovation projects and space planning."
A typical day for Filippelli includes a variety of administrative details. "I might approve an AV quote, or plans for conference room renovation, make a space or key transfer request, or assemble a standing desk. It varies, and I like that. I make a daily checklist, and success is finishing it."
Filippelli plans his leisure activites to enrich his work time: "I read a wide array of topics. This helps me break the ice in many of my interactions with faculty since I can usually talk to them at a basic level about their fields of expertise."
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